Taking pictures on 35mm film for photography class in middle school was my first exploration of the camera. It wasn't until after college that I purchased my first digital camera and began to explore my love for the outdoors while capturing what I saw to communicate the feelings those scenes brought to me. A native of North Carolina, I now live in Asheville and focus most of my attention on capturing the soft light that hits the peaks and hills of the Southern Appalachians. Occasionally I travel west to explore other mountain terrain and the light that breaks upon that land.


My images are entirely single exposures, meaning multiple images are not stacked together to create a higher dynamic range or a larger depth of field. Each image is a moment in time. That moment could be 1/100th of a second or 10 seconds; it just depends on the situation at hand.


Should you have any questions or comments, please send me a message in the message box on the contact page.