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A Snowy Roan

February 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I took a trip up to Roan Mountain recently to find snow. And find snow, I did! It was a crazy wonderland. We've been having dustings here lately in Asheville. Nothing to get too excited about. But as I kept my eye on the weather, I knew there was a decent amount of snow somewhere in Western NC. I just had to find it. 

I did two hikes at Roan. The first was an exploration of the forest which leads up to Roan High Knob. I didn't go all the way up because I knew I wanted to do a second hike to Jane Bald on the other side of Carver's Gap and I started around 1:30pm and sunset was at 6pm. It was pretty cold but I was sheltered from the wind in the forest. On the balds, there was no escaping the wind. The pictures of the forest are below and the last two pics are from my second hike on the balds. The sunset was just ok. The real magic was in the forest. 


This pic was taken from the back side of Jane Bald. There were these crazy colors in the clouds and I couldn't understand where they were coming from. Pinks, greens, yellows. . They were very faint. But I haven't seen a sunset like this before. 

This was taken from the front side of Jane Bald. That hump in the distance covered in clouds is Roan High Knob. That's the forest I hiked in earlier. Overall, it was an awesome day of hiking, despite the bitter cold temps. More snow is supposedly on the way next week. Fingers crossed. - JD


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